Ivity in rat models of diabetes mellitus. J endocrinol 130:123–127 abstract / free full text ↵ shin sj, lee yj, lin sr, tan ms, lai yh, tsai jh 1995 decrease of renal endothelin 1 content and gene expression in diabetic rats with moderate hyperglycemia. Nephron 70:486–493 medline ↵ nakamura t, ebihara i, fukui m, tomino y, koide h 1995 effect of a specific endothelin receptor a antagonist on mrna levels for extracellular matrix components and growth factors in diabetic glomeruli. Diabetes 44:895–899 crossref medline ↵ hopfner rl, misurski d, wilson tw, mcneill jr, gopalakrishnan v 1998 insulin and vanadate restore decreased plasma endothelin concentrations and exaggerated vascular responses to normal in the streptozotocin diabetic rat. Diabetologia 41:1233–1240 crossref medline ↵ awazu m, parker re, harvie br, ichikawa i, kon v 1991 down-regulation of endothelin-1 receptors by protein kinase c in streptozotocin diabetic rats. J cardiovasc pharmacol 17(suppl 7):s500–s502 ↵ gross ml, ritz e, schoof a, helmke b, parkman a, tulp o, munter k, amann k 2003 renal damage in the shr/n-cp type 2 diabetes model: comparison of an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and endothelin receptor blocker. Lab invest 83:1267–1277 crossref medline ↵ hocher b, thone-reineke c, rohmeiss p, schmager f, slowinski t, burst v, siegmund f, quertermous t, bauer c, neumayer hh, schleuning wd, theuring f 1997 endothelin-1 transgenic mice develop glomerulosclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, and renal cysts but not hypertension. J clin invest 99:1380–1389 medline ↵ hocher b, liefeldt l, thone-reineke c, orzechowski hd, distler a, bauer c, paul m 1996 characterization of the renal phenotype of transgenic rats expressing the human endothelin-2 gene. Hypertension 28:196–201 abstract / free full text ↵ ciarla mv, bocciarelli a, di gregorio s, tordi a, cotroneo p, marra g, ghirlanda g, strom r 2001 autoantibodies and endothelial dysfunction in well-controlled, uncomplicated insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients. Atherosclerosis 158:241–246 crossref medline ↵ neri s, bruno cm, leotta c, d’amico ra, pennisi g, ierna d 1998 early endothelial al. cheap viagra online howtosmudge.com/pjn-buy-viagra-without-prescription-ae/ cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra online viagra samples online viagra online buy viagra


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The first Picture.

Here is one.

A cedar fence in the middle of a Canadian winter

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